Makers Products
  • Student Created Applications

    Students of the Middle Programme used their creativity and applied their knowledge to create a range of applications from sentiment analysis bots that can pick on the mood of the image to bots who could suggest a movie based on the genre that interests someone. Not only this they programmed games like Tic Tac Toe and also phone applications that can respond based on the question being asked. Few also created a digital piano that people can use to practice their notes.

  • Standing Tall

    Students in the Primary years were asked to think and create the tallest structures they could using different products available in their homes. This gave them a sense of how tall structures in real life maintain their stability and balance.  

  • Thinking in 3D

    Students created their dream rooms using different applications like CAD and also some products like mugs. This initiated them to think in 3D and visualise the world the way it is and not only in two dimensions. 

  • Sustainable Cities with Minecraft

    Students created sustainable cities using Minecraft with features like rainwater harvesting, solar panels, roof top green areas, walking and cycling paths, compost pits, centres for mental and physical wellbeing to name a few. They applied what they learnt about features of sustainable cities and gave it a tangible shape through the use of technology having lots of fun at the same time.