College Counselling

The importance of college placement counselling in not really well understood in India; HIXS stands apart in this area and has an excellent track record. College counselling at HIXS has only one goal: enabling students to achieve their potential. It believes that a student should transition from school into a college/university where there will be continuation of the learning she has so far acquired in school and a logical extension of her growth – academic and personal development.

HIXS provides a safe, non-judgmental space for the student to come in with questions and doubts about the what, where and how of the college application process during, arguably, one of the most stressful periods of her/his life. We work with students and their families by identifying the student’s interest areas, learning style, courses of interest, geographical inclinations, grades, professorship and financial ability to find the right fit universities. The aim is to build student and parent knowledge through extensive group interactions, workshops and one-on-one sessions for the senior programme students. We strive to ensure not merely that our students secure admissions at elite institutions of higher learning but they thrive through their undergrad experience and beyond. We also invite our alumni students and families to connect with our current students and share their experiences to build a community of learners.

HIXS has invested in and incubated one of the most successful college placement cells in the country. The cell has strategically established relationships with admissions offices of top global and Indian colleges/universities and enabled our students to have access to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in both India and abroad.

Through extensive research on universities, geographies, programmes, courses, professors and the interest of our students, we invite highly rated, elite universities to see our campus to understand our school’s philosophy, speak to our parents and students. We continuously apprise our students of college and university visits in the NCR area and encourage them to visit such gatherings and meets.

How HIXS Prepares Students for University

HIXS has a four-year counselling programme that entails a customised plan for each student based on skills, aptitudes, personality and aspirations. The programme works closely with parents through one-on-one sessions, orientations and workshops with an aim to build the mindset of strategic portfolio and CV building early on. Through the crucial Grades 9 to 12, our counsellors advise students to pursue the following course of action:

Grade 9: In Grade 9, students should develop and pursue their intellectual interests, concentrate on academics, build strong study habits and select extracurricular activities and interests that enrich their life and support college applications.

The transcript document submitted to the university will include all marks earned from Grades 9 through 12, expressed as a grade marks average (GPA) for each grade (9, 10, 11 and 12), Thus, beginning in Grade 9, every mark counts more than ever.

Grade 10: Students should continue developing their academic skills and interests while remaining invested in studies. In addition, they should identify one true passion from among extracurricular activities; participate proactively in school club activities; attend appropriate college placement workshops/presentations; and build their portfolio through interesting and engaging summer activities.

Grade 11: It is important for students to understand that Grade 11 marks are the single most important element of the university applications. Universities abroad will admit a student based primarily on how well she has done from Grade 9 to Grade 11 and, at times, on how she is doing in the first term of Grade 12 and, of course, on the cumulative average of marks earned in Grades 9-11 and midyear Grade 12. In addition, students should continue to purse extracurricular activities and:

  • Research universities and courses, using resources provided by the college office.
  • Begin attending individual counselling sessions throughout the second term of Grade 11.
  • Attend all college counselling sessions as appropriate to you.
  • Start planning summer activities and university visits (optional).
  • Actively participate in university visits and presentations at Heritage and at venues that invite Heritage students.
  • Attend application workshops and essay writing workshops.
  • Take the SAT or ACT as appropriate.

Grade 12: This is the time when students decide on what they are going to study in college, when they are going to apply (early action? early decision? regular decision?) and actually apply to multiple universities. Grade 12 is when students must be well organised and thorough in meeting deadlines, writing essays, statements of purpose, and submitting university applications for schools that are a great fit for their academic and personal needs.

Other Information

HIXS College Placements

HIXS College Placements

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