Academic Achievements

As a school we are dedicated to our student’s authentic relationship with education and learning and continue to look at examinations as just one more way of evaluating progress. It is encouraging to see that our commitment to real education is also being reflected in the excellent results.

IBDP Grade 12 Results, 2021 at a glance

Result Highlights: IBDP cohort of 2021
Key Result Statistics HIXS Scores World Scores
Average Score 38.2 33
Highest Score 45 45
% of students scoring 40 and above 31% 9.10%
% of students scoring 35 and above 93.10% Break-up yet to be released
Average grade obtained at the school by candidate who passed the diploma 6.16 5.19
Diploma pass rate 100% 88.9%
Core average 2.24 Break-up yet to be released
34% of the total students got 3 bonus points in Core (maximum possible score)
24% of the total students got As in TOK (highest possible grade in TOK)
34% of the total students got As in Extended Essay (highest possible grade in Extended Essay)

IGCSE Grade 10 Results, 2020 at a glance

  • 77% of the cohort gained at least 5 As and A*s
  • 35% of our total grades were A*s, with 65% of our students achieving A and above